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Is this Cyber Security –v- Data Privacy?


Most of you will have seen the recent news reports regarding the Government plans (as announced back in 2009) to introduce the ability to carry out widespread call and internet monitoring in the UK.

In general, we have always felt that data privacy operates within the definition and premise of information security however there are clearly two differing perspectives here that are at odds with the new policy.

An individual's data privacy and the right to it, is inherent within British society however is being eradicated according to civil liberties groups. However as individuals we expect the government and companies to whom we entrust our lives and our data to handle it securely – and security experts suggest we need this new policy the catch cyber terrorists and criminals. (See for details on new moves to target cyber crime)

What are your thoughts as security and privacy professionals on the new proposed policy? Please let us know your thoughts and join the debate...

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