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  1. Cisco has released security updates to address a bucketload of vulnerabilities affecting multiple products, including 24 critical and high-severity flaws found in many of its switches, next generation firewalls and security appliances. Those vulnerabilities are present in the Cisco NX-OS Software, which enables network automation and programmatical provisioning and configuration of the devices via APIs, and Cisco FXOS (Firepower eXtensible Operating System). “Successful exploitation of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access … More

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  2. Many global financial services organizations are targeted by sophisticated cyberattackers in an attempt to steal critical data and personally-identifiable information (PII), according to Vectra. Financial industry attacker behaviors per 10,000 devices Vectra disclosed that cyberattackers build hidden tunnels to break into networks and steal information. These tunnels are used to remotely control an attack, known as command-and-control, and steal data, known as exfiltration, while remaining largely undetected. Security breaches across multiple industries continue in an … More

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  3. A new SANS Institute report found that automating endpoint detection and response processes is the top priority for IT professionals trying to put actionable controls around their endpoints. Diversity and quantity of endpoints The survey questioned IT professionals globally on how they approach endpoint security within their organisations, with endpoints referring to devices connecting to networks such as desktop computers, employer-owned laptops, network devices, cloud-based systems and IoT devices. “The diversity and quantity of endpoints … More

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  4. Digital transformation dominates business strategy today, which is why web and mobile development demand is booming. Moreover, speed and agility are more important than ever before. Investments in approaches to speed up application delivery OutSystems published its research report on the state of application development and the challenges faced by application development and delivery teams in all industries across the world. Six key findings that impact every IT professional Demand for app dev is at … More

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  5. Juniper Research has revealed the top 10 technologies set to disrupt the fintech industry in 2018 and 2019. New research found a wealth of positive changes stemming from emerging technologies in the fintech space: Data mining Whilst the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU poses the risk of substantial fines for those in contravention, Juniper believes the changes provide significant opportunity to companies offering data that has been sourced honestly and … More

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  6. Google will start adding security metadata to Android application packages (APKs) distributed via Google Play, so that users with limited internet access can check whether the apps they get via peer-to-peer app sharing are legitimate. The move, announced late last year, is part of a wider push for improving app security and will surely benefit a lot of users. “Often when you buy a physical product, you’ll find an official label or a badge which … More

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