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  1. GitHub, the world’s largest open source code repository and leading software development platform, has launched GitHub Security Lab. “Our team will lead by example, dedicating full-time resources to finding and reporting vulnerabilities in critical open source projects,” said Jamie Cool, VP of Product Management, Security at GitHub. GitHub Security Lab GitHub Security Lab is a program aimed at researchers, maintainers, and companies that want to contribute to the overall security of open source software. Current … More

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  2. Ransomware tries to slip unnoticed past security controls by abusing trusted and legitimate processes, and then harnesses internal systems to encrypt the maximum number of files and disable backup and recovery processes before an IT security team catches up, according to a new Sophos report. Main modes of distribution for the major ransomware families Ransomware is typically distributed in one of three ways: as a cryptoworm, which replicates itself rapidly to other computers for maximum … More

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  3. Sysdig Secure 3.0 provides enterprises with threat prevention at runtime Sysdig Secure 3.0 includes an incident response and audit tool for Kubernetes, giving enterprises the ability to reconstruct historical system activity. Enabling these capabilities are three new features: Kubernetes Policy Advisor, Falco Tuning, and Activity Audit. Jamf unveils Jamf Protect, an enterprise Mac endpoint protection solution Jamf Protect leverages native Apple security tools and on-device analysis of macOS activity to create customized telemetry that gives … More

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  4. Organizations reported an average 32% reduction in threat responder workload when they deployed a managed SIEM solution, according to CenturyLink and IDG. Improve incident response The research shows security leaders are turning to managed security services to help augment limited internal resources and bridge the security technology gap. “Security is an inherent ingredient in networking today; however, limited resources and budget constraints make it difficult for companies to develop with their own staff,” says Chris … More

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  5. Enterprises plan to aggressively shift investment to hybrid cloud architectures, with respondents reporting steady and substantial hybrid deployment plans over the next five years, according to a Nutanix survey. Hybrid cloud as the ideal IT operating model The vast majority of 2019 survey respondents (85%) selected hybrid cloud as their ideal IT operating model. Vanson Bourne surveyed 2,650 IT decision-makers in 24 countries around the world about where they’re running their business applications today, where … More

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  6. Fears of data loss, identity theft and fraud are leaving American consumers on edge this holiday season, and they’re prepared to hold their financial institution responsible for the damages. This is according to a new study released by Terbium Labs, which found that 68 percent of shoppers would hold their bank at least partly responsible for fraudulent activity, regardless of how the compromise occurred. The blame game Americans are on high alert heading into the … More

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