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  1. In 2016, China launched Micius, the world’s first quantum communications enabled satellite. For some, that launch eerily echoed the launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite in 1957, which caught the United States off guard and spurred a decades-long contest to regain and maintain global technological and military supremacy. The parallel wasn’t lost on the Chinese. Jian-Wei Pan, the lead researcher on the Micius project, hailed the start of “a worldwide quantum space race.” Indeed, … More

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  2. Vade Secure published the results of its Phishers’ Favorites report for Q2 2019. According to the report, which ranks the 25 most impersonated brands in phishing attacks, Microsoft was by far the top target for the fifth straight quarter. There was also a significant uptick in Facebook phishing, as the social media giant moved up to the third spot on the list as a result of a staggering 176 percent YoY growth in phishing URLs. … More

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  3. 7 out of 10 newly registered domains (NDRs) are either malicious, suspicious or not safe for work, say Palo Alto Networks researchers, and advise organizations to block access to them with URL filtering. “While this may be deemed a bit aggressive by some due to potential false-positives, the risk from threats via NRDs is much greater. At the bare minimum, if access to NRDs are allowed, then alerts should be set up for additional visibility,” … More

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  4. YubiKey 5Ci: First security key designed with both USB-C and Lightning connectors This unique dual-connector functionality makes the YubiKey 5Ci the perfect solution for consumers or enterprises looking for strong hardware-backed authentication across iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows devices. The YubiKey 5Ci is available at a retail price of $70 USD. 400G Triton cyber warfare simulation tool can replicate any attack Mimicking attacks from all over the world, Triton 400 utilizes a comprehensive understanding of … More

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  5. The Linux Foundation announced the intent to form the Confidential Computing Consortium, a community dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. Companies committed to this work include Alibaba, Arm, Baidu, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, Swisscom and Tencent. What is confidential computing? Across industries computing is moving to span multiple environments, from on premises to public cloud to edge. As companies move these workloads to different environments, they need protection … More

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  6. Exabeam is conducting an annual survey to understand skills, compensation trends and workplace trends among SOC and security analysts. All participants will receive the results of the survey. Questions include certifications, security responsibilities, compensation ranges, and perceptions around new tech like machine learning and AI. Completing the survey takes 7 minutes (less if you are a really fast reader). The results of the survey are anonymous. Prizes for participants They will randomly select 10 winners … More

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