Career Opportunities

Some of our current vacancies are listed on LinkedIN and more are displayed on the right hand side of our pages, should you need any further information or would like to apply please contact us.


The security arena is a consistently developing and evolving market in which to network and at Proprius we value the relationships we have with both clients and candidates alike. Our focus and energy is spent building and developing new and existing relationships and, as a result, we obtain many referrals from within this niche industry.

CV Tips

Many candidates find it difficult to write CVs in this climate with varying advice and expectations. This may mean that you will have more than one CV if you are looking at differing roles and areas. Many candidates believe that you have to keep your CV to 2 pages – that’s fine for someone a year out of University or in a profession that has volume candidates, but we would expect most candidates in cyber security or risk to have a CV of 3-4 pages, highlighting projects and bullet pointing key skills. What we can tell you is that our clients want to see candidates define and detail their experience to the most relevant areas for the job.

Remember, cyber security is so varied and clients requirements can range from basic to complex levels with just one role title that you need to ensure your actual skills and experience detailed on the CV are relevant to the role you are applying for - if it's not on the CV, the client WILL assume you don't have it! It is easier to remove detail than to create it so always try to keep an updated version as your role changes from year to year.

Interview Tips

Once we have identified the right role, your own work really starts during the interview process. Here are some of do's and don'ts!


ALWAYS dress smartly and turn up - on time! Companies have varied approaches to office dress and flexible working hours, but at interview smart and punctual is ALWAYS the right approach.

Research the company. Do you want this job or not? If you do then show that by learning about the company that you want to work for.

Be confident, positive & professional

Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and NEVER try to answer a technical question that you just don’t know the answer to. Better to hold your hands up than to try and guess.


Be late!

Be negative about current or previous employers

Digress or waffle

Exaggerate your experience - most experienced interviewers will dig deep especially in technical areas





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