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  1. 25% of internet traffic on any given day is made up of bots, the Kasada Research Team has found. In fact, there is a synthetic counterpart for almost every human interaction online. Bot mitigation tactics These bots work to expose and take advantage of vulnerabilities at a rapid pace, stealing critical personal and financial data, scraping intellectual property, installing malware, contributing to DDoS attacks, distorting web analytics and damaging SEO. Luckily, tools, approaches, solutions and … More

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  2. In the aftermath of the SolarWinds hack, a better understanding of third-party hacks in any update that you provide to your colleagues, bosses, and even the board of directors may be warranted. Any such update that you provide on SolarWinds should certainly cover whether or not your organization is one of the 300,000 SolarWinds customers and whether or not you were one of the 18,000 or so that were using the specific version of Orion … More

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  3. Loading remotely hosted images instead of embeedding them directly into emails is one of the latest tricks employed by phishers to bypass email filters. Phishers are always finding new ways trick defenses Phishing emails – especially when impersonating popular brands – contain widely known brand logos and other images to give the illusion of having been sent by legitimate organizations. Images have also been used for ages as a way to circumvent an email’s textual … More

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  4. There has been a 24 percent increase in eCommerce transactions globally in December 2020 compared to December 2019, ACI Worldwide reveals. In particular, eCommerce transactions in the retail sector increased 31 percent and the gaming sector increased 90 percent, comparing December 2020 with December 2019. BOPIS fraud also seeing a significant increase While many merchants initially implemented the buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) delivery channel during the pandemic, those that already had this … More

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  5. Mega trends across the government and public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications are posing new challenges to end users in vertical industries in the Asia-Pacific region, Frost & Sullivan finds. These changes are pushing enterprises to transform and enable new use cases that are critical in supporting and optimizing enterprise business processes to improve business efficiency. In addition to impacting mega trends, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving the need for critical and vital broadband, remote … More

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  6. The number of non-human workers is growing, particularly as global organizations increasingly prioritize cloud computing, DevOps, IoT devices, and other digital transformation initiatives. Yet, organizations frequently only apply access controls to humans (employees, contractors, etc.), despite the risks associated with cyberattacks and data breaches linked to non-human workers and their privileged access to sensitive information. Further, when a human worker leaves an organization, the organization generally has set processes to revoke that employee’s access to … More

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