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  1. Email attacks have moved past standard phishing and become more targeted over the years. In this article, I will focus on email impersonation attacks, outline why they are dangerous, and provide some tips to help individuals and organizations reduce their risk exposure to impersonation attacks. What are email impersonation attacks? Email impersonation attacks are malicious emails where scammers pretend to be a trusted entity to steal money and sensitive information from victims. The trusted entity … More

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  2. Deepwatch Lens Score: SecOps maturity planning and benchmarking Deepwatch Lens Score allows CISOs to quickly understand data source collection, active analytics, and what their Maturity Score is today and how to improve it. The powerful app is intuitive and delivers valuable data and insights to CISOs in a few minutes in the palm of their hand. Entrust launches direct-to-card solution for instant physical and mobile ID issuance Sigma systems deliver a seamless user experience across … More

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  3. A failing cybersecurity market is contributing to ineffective performance of cybersecurity technology, a Debate Security research reveals. Based on over 100 comprehensive interviews with business and cybersecurity leaders from large enterprises, together with vendors, assessment organizations, government agencies, industry associations and regulators, the research shines a light on why technology vendors are not incentivized to deliver products that are more effective at reducing cyber risk. The report supports the view that efficacy problems in the … More

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  4. The machine identity attack surface is exploding, with a rapid increase in all types of machine identity-related security events in 2018 and 2019, according to Venafi. For example, the number of reported machine identity-related cyberattacks grew by over 400% during this two-year period. “We have seen machine use skyrocket in organizations over the last five years, but many businesses still focus their security controls primarily on human identity management,” said Kevin Bocek, VP of security … More

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  5. Akamai published a report detailing criminal activity targeting the retail, travel, and hospitality industries with attacks of all types and sizes between July 2018 and June 2020. The report also includes numerous examples of criminal ads from the darknet illustrating how they cash in on the results from successful attacks and the corresponding data theft. “Criminals are not picky — anything that can be accessed can be used in some way,” said Steve Ragan, Akamai … More

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  6. Operator‑billed revenue from 5G connections will reach $357 billion by 2025, rising from $5 billion in 2020, its first full year of commercial service, according to Juniper Research. By 2025, 5G revenue is anticipated to represent 44% of global operator‑billed revenue owing to rapid migration of 4G mobile subscribers to 5G networks and new business use cases enabled by 5G technology. However, the study identified 5G networks roll-outs as highly resilient to the COVID-19 pandemic. … More

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