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  1. May 25th is the second anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data around compliance with the regulation shows a significant disconnect between perception and reality. Only 28% of firms comply with GDPR; however, before GDPR kicked off, 78% of companies felt they would be ready to fulfill data requirements. While their confidence was high, when push comes to shove, complying with GDPR and GDPR-like laws – like CCPA and PDPA – are … More

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  2. More than 88% percent of organizations use cloud infrastructure in one form or another, and 45% expect to migrate three quarters or more of their apps to the cloud over the next twelve months, according to the O’Reilly survey. The report surveyed 1,283 software engineers, technical leads, and decision-makers from around the globe. Of note, the report uncovered that 21% of organizations are hosting all applications in a cloud context. The report also found that … More

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  3. Infoblox identified the challenges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face in transitioning to distributed cloud models, as well as the use cases for multi-access edge computing (MEC), 5G New Radio (NR), and 5G Next Generation Core (NGC) networks. “Distributed cloud models such as 5G and multi-access edge computing networks have the potential to drastically change the CSP industry, delivering high-bandwidth, low latency services to network customers,” said Dilip Pillaipakam, Vice President and GM of Service Provider … More

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  4. Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news and articles: The dark web is flooded with offers to purchase corporate network access In Q1 2020, the number of postings advertising access to these networks increased by 69 percent compared to the previous quarter. This may pose a significant risk to corporate infrastructure, especially now that many employees are working remotely. EasyJet data breach: 9 million customers affected British low-cost airline group EasyJet … More

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  5. Cisco has patched a critical remote code execution hole (CVE-2020-3280) in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, its “contact center in a box” solution, and is urging administrators to upgrade to a fixed software version. About the vulnerability (CVE-2020-3280) Flagged by prolific bug hunter Brenden Meeder of Booz Allen Hamilton, CVE-2020-3280 is a vulnerability in the Java Remote Management Interface of the UCCX solution. “The vulnerability is due to insecure deserialization of user-supplied content by the … More

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  6. “The customer comes first” started out as the secret to success in business. Now it’s the secret to 21st century cybersecurity and fraud prevention, too. The phrase always seemed more like an empty platitude, but a growing number of banks and other financial institutions now understand that optimizing convenient consumer experience with risk and safety across all their channels is a strategic differentiator. Dealing with fraudulent transactions Financial institutions have been on the lookout for … More

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