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  1. When the pandemic forced organizations to send customer service agents to work from home, fraudsters quickly seized the new opportunity presented by isolated employees. Social engineering and bribery attempts rapidly increased as fraudsters targeted agents lacking their usual support from colleagues and managers. While fraudsters adapted fast, most organizations weren’t nearly as quick; many failed to take the necessary steps to bolster security and authentication processes. Now that the world is beginning to reopen, those … More

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  2. If you’re traveling abroad on business, there’s a good chance you’ll need to bring along a smartphone to get around, meet up with associates or learn about the idiosyncrasies of local culture. But even if you’re security-savvy and never let your device out of sight or engage in risky activities like connecting to WiFi, local intelligence services can monitor you through your cellular connection alone. Knowing how this happens will help you mount an effective … More

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  3. Selecting a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution can be very challenging. It must cover all three practices it stands for, without exception, which can sometimes be hard to integrate. Regulations have especially been a pain point for many organizations, since business outcomes largerly depend on compliance nowadays. In fact, a recent forecast revealed that GRC solutions revenues have been growing steadily and should continue to do so, boosted by regulations becoming particularly stringent around … More

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  4. SpyCloud released an analysis of IT security leaders’ perceived threat of ransomware attacks and the maturity of their cybersecurity defenses. The report found that while 81% of those surveyed consider their security to be above average or exceptional, many lack basic cyber hygiene – 41% lack a password complexity requirement, one of the cheapest, easiest forms of protection, and only 55.6% have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA). “The loss of data and resources due to ransomware … More

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  5. Dark web activity the value of stolen data and cybercriminal behaviors, have dramatically evolved in recent years, according to a Bitglass research. Stolen data has a wider reach and moves more quickly Breach data received over 13,200 views in 2021 vs. 1,100 views in 2015 — a 1,100% increase. In 2015, it took 12 days to reach 1,100 link views — in 2021, it took less than 24 hours to surpass that milestone. Breach data … More

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  6. Cyware revealed a research detailing the challenges affecting modern security operations teams and the negative business impact of siloed security operations. According to the study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, 71% of security leaders report their teams need access to threat intelligence, security operations data, incident response data, and vulnerability data, yet 65% of respondents find it very challenging to provide security teams with cohesive data access. “With today’s evolving threats, security operations teams cannot succeed … More

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